Gao Xingjian is recognized as an outstanding avant-garde experimental playwright from the early 1980s in China. This realist play, Absolute Signal was received very well, because of its fresh presentation on stage. For the first time in China, a playwright used only light and sound effects on stage to express the thoughts and feelings of the characters.

This English translation of Gao's early play and his theoretical essay on modern Chinese drama will not only make the realist play accessible for English-speaking readers worldwide but also reveal the early formation of the playwright's unique theatric creativity and theory.


About the author:
Versatile and prolific in writing, painting and directing, Gao Xingjian is known mostly as the 2000 Nobel prize winner for his novel, Soul Mountain, which has been translated into many languages and lauded for its literary achievements. He is also known as a leading member of the "experimental theatre" during the Chinese rejuvenation of the 1980s.

About the translator:
Tzuhsiu Beryl Chiu is Assistant Professor at the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature and the Division Head of Chinese as a Foreign Language education at the Center of International Affairs and Exchange at National Chung-cheng University. She was a lecturer in Chinese at the University of Alberta, Canada and a TA in the Department of Comparative Literature at the University of Georgia, USA, where she obtained her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. She is also the editor of Transcultural Imaginary Subjectivity: Taiwan Postcolonial/Female Studies.


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Absolute Signal
Tzuhsiu Beryl Chiu

ISBN: 978-098450973-7

Page Count: 160

15 x 21cm
July 2010

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