These translations from Classical in modern Chinese and English by Fu-Shiang Chia of the 160 "Airs of the States" from the Shi Jing represents the first new, complete version to appear in English in well over half a century. The collection is the oldest extant book of lyric poetry in world literature X parts dating back 3,000 years. It gathers the most ancient written lyric poems in the entire human patrimony, and stands as the headwaters, the fountainhead of all known literary culture.

Fu-Shiang Chia makes these poems once again contemporary, while preserving hints of their antiquity. His language is as lexically accurate as possible, and plain without being spare or un-poetic. The poems have been made companionable for a 21st century audience, without sacrificing either their exotic foreignness or their careful specificity.


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"Airs of the States"
from the Shi Jing

Fu-Shiang Chia

ISBN: 978-957445239-2

Page Count: 416

15 x 21cm
May 2008

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