From the academic perspective, Southern Min is one of the Chinese language families, a dialect. Specifically, Taiwanese Southern Min (TSM) has resulted from a mixture of Formosan languages, Dutch, Japanese and Mandarin by way of language contact. It has preserved the basic structure, but is quite different from the Southern Min spoken in Mainland China. TSM is the natural result of a mixture of different accents.

The author has dedicated his research life to the study of TSM, and the profound result of his study is revealed in this book.


About the author:
Lin, Ching-Hsiun (1945-) received his Ph.D. in Chinese Literature from Chinese Culture University (Taipei). He is professor of Chinese Language and Literature at Tokyo International University (2013-) and Professor Emeritus of Chinese Literature National Sun Yat-sen University (2011-) in Taiwan. He specializes in phonology, modern Chinese phonology and Taiwanese Language. Recently, he has focused on overseas Chinese languages, espeicially "Touwa", Ryu-Han sound correspondence.

About the translator:
Raung-fu Chung received his PhD in linguistics from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 1989, under the support of an MOE scholarship. He is Chair Professor in the Department of Applied English, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, having previously held positions at National University of Singapore, and National Kaohsiung Normal University. He is the author of Chinese Phonology in Pedagogy (2011), Contrastive Analysis and Mandarin Teaching (2010), An Introduction to Contemporary Linguistics (2004), The Hakka Language¡XTracks Left in Formosa Taiwan (2002), The Meinong Hakka (1997), and Segmental Phonology of Southern Min in Taiwan (1996). Moreover, he has had more than 70 articles published in Chinese and English. Currently he is a member of the editorial boards for Concentrics and Journal of Language Teaching.


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Linguistic Aspects of
Taiwanese Southern Min

Ching-Hsiun Lin, Raung-fu Chung
and Robert Fox

ISBN: 978-957-445-542-3

Page Count: 320

8.5 x 6 x 0.5 inches
September 2013

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