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English for Biotechnology

Unit 1 - Genetic Engineering
Lesson 1 Bringing Back the Dead 
Lesson 2 The Human Genome Project 
Lesson 3 Super Babies 
Lesson 4 Are Your Genes Really Yours? 

Unit 2 - Influenza
Lesson 1 Influenza 
Lesson 2 The 1918 Influenza Pandemic 
Lesson 3 Can birds catch a cold? – Avian influenza 
Lesson 4 Vaccines 

Unit 3 - The Mystery of the Human Brain 
Lesson 1 Inside Your Brain 
Lesson 2 The Chemicals of Love 
Lesson 3 Memory Tricks 
Lesson 4 Brain-Computer Interface 

Unit 4 - Great Discoveries in Biotechnology 
Lesson 1 Darwin and The Origin of Species 
Lesson 2 The Discovery of Helicobacter Pylori 
Lesson 3 Chance Favors Only the Prepared Mind
Lesson 4 The Mindset of a Nobel Laureate

English for Business Communication

Unit 1 Finance 
Lesson 1: Commercial Banks 
Lesson 2: Low-risk Investments 
Lesson 3: High-risk Investments

Unit 2 Marketing 
Lesson 1: Marketing Mix 
Lesson 2: Character Marketing 
Lesson 3: Private Branding 

Unit 3 Human Resource Management
Lesson 1: Recruitment
Lesson 2: Selection
Lesson 3: Training 

Unit 4 Manufacturing 
Lesson 1: Manufacturing Process 
Lesson 2: Logistics Management
Lesson 3: Environmental and Public Safety Issues


English for Creative Industries

Lesson 1 Visual Arts 
Lesson 2 Music and Performing Arts 
Lesson 3 Performance Facilities 
Lesson 4 Crafts 
Lesson 5 Film 
Lesson 6 Advertising 
Lesson 7 Television and Radio 
Lesson 8 Publishing 
Lesson 9 Product Design 
Lesson 10 Architectural Design
Lesson 11 Fashion Design 
Lesson 12 Digital Content 
English for Economics
Unit 1 Supply & Demand
Lesson 1: Supply and Demand 
Lesson 2: Coping with Today’s Demand Uncertainty 
Lesson 3: Manufacturing Planning Programs 
Lesson 4: Achieving an Accurate Response 

Unit 2 Prices 
Lesson 1: Pricing as a Product Strategy
Lesson 2: Price Wars and Their Causes 
Lesson 3: Some Pricing Options 
Lesson 4: Quality Matters

Unit 3 International Trade 
Lesson 1: The BOFT and Overall Performance in 2007 
Lesson 2: Development of Foreign Trade in Taiwan 
Lesson 3: Participating in the WTO 
Lesson 4: Cross-Strait Interaction 

Unit 4 The 2008 Financial Crisis
Lesson 1: The Subprime Mortgage Crisis 
Lesson 2: The Fall of Lehman Brothers 
Lesson 3: US Auto Industry Bailout 
Lesson 4: How the Financial Crisis is Changing Us       
English for General Engineering
Unit 1 Mechanical Engineering 
Lesson 1: Defying Gravity I 
Lesson 2: Defying Gravity II 
Lesson 3: Aerial Base Station 
Lesson 4: Supersonic Pulse Power 

Unit 2 Environmental Engineering 
Lesson 1: Facing the Freshwater Crisis I 
Lesson 2: Facing the Freshwater Crisis II 
Lesson 3: Wading in Waste I 
Lesson 4: Wading in Waste II 

Unit 3 Materials Engineering 
Lesson 1: Artifical Muscles
Lesson 2: Artifical Muscles
Lesson 3: Self-cleaning machines
Lesson 4: Self-cleaning machines

Unit 4 Electrical Engineering 
Lesson 1: A Brief History of Wiretapping I 
Lesson 2: A Brief History of Wiretapping II 
Lesson 3: Driving Toward Crashless Cars I 
Lesson 4: Driving Toward Crashless Cars II 
English for General Science
Unit 1 Math
Lesson 1 Does Infinity Come in Different Sizes? 
Lesson 2 Folk Numeracy 
Lesson 3 Math without Words 
Lesson 4 A Digital Slice of pi

Unit 2 Physics 
Lesson 1 Everyday Einstein I 
Lesson 2 Everyday Einstein II―Stimulated Thinking 
Lesson 3 Supersonic Aircraft and Sonic Booms 
Lesson 4 Essential Things to Do in Space

Unit 3 Chemistry and Environment 
Lesson 1 The Dangers of Ocean Acidification 
Lesson 2 Can We Bury Global Warming? 
Lesson 3 Little Green Molecules 
Lesson 4 Clean and Green 

Unit 4 Medical Knowledge: Cells and Molecular Biology
Lesson 1 Windows on the Mind 
Lesson 2 Diet Advice from DNA? 
Lesson 3 A Malignant Flame I 
Lesson 4 A Malignant Flame II
English for Health and Medical Care
Unit 1 Illness Symptoms and Diagnosis 
Lesson 1 Brain Eraser 
Lesson 2 Cervical Cancer 
Lesson 3 No Wheat, Please! 
Lesson 4 Bad Breath 

Unit 2 Illness Control and Treatment 
Lesson 1 Low Back Pain 
Lesson 2 A Good Death 
Lesson 3 Menopause 
Lesson 4 Futile Care

Unit 3 Health Education and Promotion 
Lesson 1 Diabetic Diet 
Lesson 2 Breast is Best? 
Lesson 3 Preventing Osteoporosis 
Lesson 4 Sick of Poverty      
English for Hi-tech industries
Unit 1 Energy engineering 
Lesson 1 The Impact of an Oil Crisis 
Lesson 2 The Power of Renewables
Lesson 3 New Technology to Capture and Store CO2 I 
Lesson 4 New Technology to Capture and Store CO2 II

Unit 2 Optoelectronics 
Lesson 1 Two Technologies in Our Lives
Lesson 2 Free-Space Communication I
Lesson 3 Free-Space Communication II 
Lesson 4 Smart Glass

Unit 3 Biotechnology
Lesson 1 The Biotechnology Industry in Taiwan I 
Lesson 2 The Biotechnology Industry in Taiwan II 
Lesson 3 Biotechnology in Medicine I 
Lesson 4 Biotechnology in Medicine II 

Unit 4 Nanotechnology 
Lesson 1 Size Does Matter 
Lesson 2 Four Generations of Nanotechnology 
Lesson 3 Nanotube Applications I 
Lesson 4 Nanotube Applications II
English for Information Technology
Unit 1 Artificial Intelligence 
Lesson 1: I, Robonaut 
Lesson 2: Android Science 
Lesson 3: 3D Facial Recognition System 
Lesson 4: Facial Recognition Systems 

Unit 2 Communication 
Lesson 1: Welcoming Wi-Fi to Home Networks 
Lesson 2: Mobile Apps Find a Home on 
Touchscreen Devices 
Lesson 3: Touch Screens Redefine the Market 
Lesson 4: How Do Computer Hackers “Get 
Inside” a computer? 

Unit 3 The World Wide Web 
Lesson 1: Search Engines 
Lesson 2: Yahoo! Inc. and Google Inc. 
Abandon their Advertising Agreement
Lesson 3: Cloud Computing
Lesson 4: Cloud Computing Vendors 
Converge on Standard Definition, Goal

Unit 4 Bioinformatics 
Lesson 1: An Introduction to Bioinformatics 
Lesson 2: DNA Computers 
Lesson 3: Bringing DNA Computers To Life 
Lesson 4: DNA Computers For Work And Play 
English for Tourism and Hospitality
Unit 1 The Tourism Industry
Lesson 1: Careers in the Tourism Industry 
Lesson 2: Tour Design 
Lesson 3: Special Forms of Tourism 

Unit 2 Hotel 
Lesson 1: Hotel Amenities: Serving Travelers’ Needs 
Lesson 2: Enjoy a Great Stay at a Japanese Ryokan 
Lesson 3: Making Sense of Hotel ‘Star’ Ratings

Unit 3 The Tourism Industry in Operation 
Lesson 1: Travel Fairs 
Lesson 2: Conducting Tours 
Lesson 3: E-Commerce in the Tourism Industry 

Unit 4 Dining 
Lesson 1: Menu 
Lesson 2: Food Customs and Dining Etiquette 
Lesson 3: What Would You Like to Drink?


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