Science, Picture Book
Ages 6 and Up

Have you ever dreamed about meeting friendly aliens, or exploring outer space in a cool spaceship? In the beginning of the story, Joe, the alien from Pluto, not only invites his new friend from Earth, Arnold, to ride in the spaceship, but also takes Arnold to an adventurous space trip!

Arnold would see numerous craters in Mercury; the thick, yellow atmosphere that surrounds Venus; the beautiful ring of Saturn; the 15 moons of Uranus and so on. The final destination is Joe's home planet X Pluto, and Arnold gets a warm welcome from Joe's family.

Let's explore the solar system with Joe and Arnold!!


About the author:
Norman Huang is a doctoral student of Reading and Language Arts at Ohio University. Living alone, he lets his thoughts travel in outer space. He has been a junior high and senior high school teacher for seventeen years in Taiwan. He likes science, astronomy and meditation.

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The Impossible Adventure
A Trip Through the Solar System
Norman Huang

ISBN: 978-098450970-6

Page Count: 64

19 x 26cm
May 2010

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