Vita Chieu's story is a microcosm of the overseas Chinese betrayal by Red China and the Khmer Rouge. Through his eyes we see how the naive patriotism exhibited by the ethnic Chinese community in Cambodia was unrequited. Instead of becoming heroes, Vita Chieu and his comrades were abandoned by Red China and victimized by the Khmer Rouge. Through Chieu's account we get the inside story on China's role in Southeast Asian politics, and how the Khmer Rouge remained a force to be reckoned with, despite their crimes against humanity. Chieu was fortunate enough to escape with his life, and now tells his story so that the atrocities he witnessed will never be forgotten. James Zhu has provided additional information so that the reader can better understand the political circumstances and major events.


Author: Vita Chieu | Edited by: James Zhu

Translated by: Noah Sauvé


Textbook: $19.95 USD


The Khmer Rouge and Red China -
My Untold Story

Vita Chieu

ISBN: 978-957445334-4

Page Count: 304

15 x 21cm
March 2010

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