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Nursing without Borders: Basic

Lesson 1 Any Problems?
Lesson 2 Taking Medicine
Lesson 3 Feeding
Lesson 4 Settle In

Lesson 5 Giving Shots
Lesson 6 Go Back to Sleep
Lesson 7 Report New Symptoms

Lesson 8 Where is the Cafeteria?
Lesson 9 Going to the Washroom

Lesson 10 Helping with Mobility
Lesson 11 Bedmaking
Lesson 12 Taking a Bath

Nursing without Borders: Intermediate

Lesson 1 Making an Appointment
Lesson 2 Taking Vital Signs
Lesson 3 Clinic Form and Family History
Lesson 4 Bowel Elimination

Lesson 5 Lab Tests
Lesson 6 Sterile Dressing Change
Lesson 7 Pregnancy Checkup

Lesson 8 In Labor
Lesson 9 Administering Medicine

Lesson 10 Prostate Exam
Lesson 11 Surgery Preparation
Lesson 12 Postsurgical Care


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