The Situational Chinese series, specially written for those who desire to learn Chinese by themselves, includes seven books, Phone Calls and Letters, Traveling, Shopping and Eating Out, Workplace, Business and Business Travel, Campus Life and Socializing and Medical Treatment. Examples are grouped by situation, and are shown in Chinese, Pinyin, Simplified Chinese and English. An MP3 CD is included, providing two speeds, slow and normal. This series can help you develop the skills you need to communicate successfully in Chinese.

This book starts from simple sentences, gradually adding complexity to help you learn 300 very useful Chinese sentences that will allow you to immediately grasp and utilize new phrases and vocabulary for traveling purpose.



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About ICLP
The International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) at National Taiwan University (NTU), the world's premier institution for the instruction of both modern and classical Chinese, was established in 1963 as the Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies (IUP). Now, students hail from all corners of the worldˇX75% of alumni currently hold jobs in academia; the other 25% are in politics, law and business, confirming that advanced language proficiency contributes to professional success. Situated within the campus of the prestigious NTU, ICLP enjoys the benefits of a central location in Taipei along with access to the full range of Taiwan's academic, cultural, and recreational resources.

Textbook with CD:
$19.95 USD


Situational Chinese ˇV

Tzu Li Weng

Textbook with CD
ISBN: 978-957445362-7

Page Count: 143

14 x 21cm
November 2010

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