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Listen Up: Intermediate

Unit 1 New Kid in Town
Unit 2 The Cast of Characters

Unit 3 Family Ties
Unit 4 Choices
Unit 5 Daydreams
Unit 6 The Play's the Thing
Unit 7 Running for Office
Unit 8 Fitness
Unit 9 Complaints
Unit 10 In the Know
Unit 11 What to Do Tonight?
Unit 12 School's Out for the Summer

Listen Up: Upper Intermediate

Unit 1 Small Talk
Unit 2
Personality Traits
Unit 3 Go Shopping
Unit 4 Friends
Unit 5 Dreams
Unit 6 Sydney's Mechanic
Unit 7 Musical Tastes
Unit 8 The Environment
Unit 9 Job Opportunities
Unit 10 And in Local News...
Unit 11 Senioritis
Unit 12 A Sense of Economics


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