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Reading for Real
Modern Topics


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(Zipped file, 33.8 mB)

Reading for Real: book 1

Lesson 1: Broadway
Lesson 2: Eternity
Lesson 3: The Music Box: part 1
Lesson 4: The Music Box: part 2
Lesson 5: Let's Talk About It!
Lesson 6: Self-Portrait
Lesson 7: The Bus Ride
Lesson 8: Supper With My Korean Neighbor
Lesson 9: Living Donors
Lesson 10: Lousy Thursday
Lesson 11: St. Lucia
Lesson 12: ...In Transit
Lesson 13: The Tenant
Lesson 14: All Different, Working Together

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(Zipped file, 39 mB)

Reading for Real: book 2

Lesson 1: Mandarins
Lesson 2: Hotel Worker in Doghouse
Lesson 3: Goodbye
Lesson 4: Food, Glorious Food
Lesson 5: Woman
Lesson 6: The Fishing Hook
Lesson 7: Meeting Jacob
Lesson 8: Swimming in Shark Ray Alley
Lesson 9: Sunshine on the City Bus
Lesson 10: Fences: part 1
Lesson 11: Fences: part 2
Lesson 12: Shmily

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(Zipped file, 47.7 mB)

Reading for Real: book 3

Lesson 1: Ivan's Long Ride
Lesson 2: Proposals: part 1
Lesson 3: Proposals: part 2
Lesson 4: I Wanna Pump You Up!
Lesson 5: In a Church
Lesson 6: Paralysis
Lesson 7: Sun Moments
Lesson 8: Trapped
Lesson 9: The Cat
Lesson 10: Western Rerun
Lesson 11: Tale of a Diamond
Lesson 12: Crossing the Thorung-La Pas

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(Zipped file, 53 mB)

Reading for Real: book 4

Lesson 1: Waiting
Lesson 2: Seen Once Forever
Lesson 3: A Matter of Tolerance
Lesson 4: It
Lesson 5: The Social Lives of Online Chatters
Lesson 6: Best Sisters
Lesson 7: Appeal Falls on Deaf Ears
Lesson 8: Why Civilization is Doomed
Lesson 9: Black Dress
Lesson 10: Greenpeace Warrior McTaggart
Lesson 11: A Cottage by the Lake
Lesson 12: Cappadocia's Otherworldly Home

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Reading for Real:
book 5

Lesson 1: Using Dogs to Help Children Heal
Lesson 2: Making Your Mark in the World
Lesson 3: The System
Lesson 4: Soap
Lesson 5: One That Got Away
Lesson 6: Surprise Surprise
Lesson 7: Remembering Dr. Meta
Lesson 8: Wishing Well
Lesson 9: The Sense of Beauty
Lesson 10: A Killer Fish

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(Zipped file, 52.9 mB)

Reading for Real:
book 6

Lesson 1: Like Father, Like Son
Lesson 2: Dessert at Nine
Lesson 3: Being Sensitive in an Insensitive World
Lesson 4: Time to Live
Lesson 5: Cat Named Crash
Lesson 6: On Vacation and Back to Land
Lesson 7: Going Baaare
Lesson 8: Black Coffee
Lesson 9: An Election to Remember
Lesson 10: Why English Is Hard To Learn


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Modern Topics:
Level One

Lesson 1 Florence
Lesson 2 Dance with Me
Lesson 3 Hockey
Lesson 4 Global Warming
Lesson 5 Music Festival in Argentina
Lesson 6 Self-Esteem
Lesson 7 Time To Heal
Lesson 8 Free iPhone?
Lesson 9 Rocky Mountains
Lesson 10 That Darn Remote
Lesson 11 Rock Climbing
Lesson 12 Recycling
Lesson 13 A Glimpse of Tokyo
Lesson 14 Water Shortage
Lesson 15 Yoga
Lesson 16 Street Performers


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(Zipped file, 16.2 mB)

Modern Topics:
Level Two

Lesson 1 Crossing the River
Lesson 2 Ludwig Wittgenstein
Lesson 3 UNICEF
Lesson 4 Why Write?
Lesson 5 The Wii Day
Lesson 6 Smoking
Lesson 7 Fishing
Lesson 8 Asian Elephants
Lesson 9 Quebec City
Lesson 10 Day of the Dead
Lesson 11 Nutrition Transition
Lesson 12 The World Is a Stage
Lesson 13 My Life as a Digital Camera
Lesson 14 Laughter - the Best Medicine
Lesson 15 My Basketball Games
Lesson 16 Safe Landing





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