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What's So Funny? Book One

1. Wrong Way
2. Screaming Baby
3. A Hillbilly in the Army
4. Poor Grades
5. Hit and Run
6. Fooling Around on the Farm
7. Diagnosis
8. Drunk Customer
9. New Hearing Aid
10. What Time Is It?
11. Lottie Wins the Lottery
12. A Second Opinion
13. Emergency Call
14. Life's Wrinkles
15. Special Parrot
16. The New Baby
17. The Priest and the Taxman
18. Picture This
19. White Hairs
20. Women's Status
21. The Neighbor's Chickens
22. Birthday Perfume
23. Who Uses More Words?
24. Mrs. Richpurse and Jitters
25. Biff and Scooter in the Hospital
26. In the Navy
27. In or Out?
28. Two Elderly Ladies
29. Bad News Bearer
30. Lester's Long Hair

What's So Funny? Book Two

1. Can You Give Me a Push?
2. The Bandit and the Bounty Hunter
3. Free Haircuts
4. Is There Baseball in Heaven?
5. Half a Head of Lettuce
6. Skydiving
7. A Polish Lad
8. Mistaken Identity
9. The Baptism
10. Mrs. Dazee and the Doctor
11. On The Bus
12. The Burglar and the Parrot
13. Wokka Bird
14. Math Test

15. Ten Dollars
16. First Class Blonde
17. Mr. Vapors and the Whisperer
18. Come for the Bull
19. Highway to Hawaii
20. Newlyweds
21. Mr. Midlife and the State Trooper
22. Goodbye, Daddy
23. Spiritual Advice
24. Two Bad Brothers

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