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More than just a tool to pass a test or achieve a higher score, In Another Context teaches English as a living language. Going beyond the usual vocabulary or grammar, In Another Context is best suited for adult students who need to use English in everyday, real life situations. In Another Context Goes beyond the simple memorization of words. Utilizing intensive conversation practice In Another Context helps students establish a good sized memory bank of commonly used English phrases and through this process demonstrate how they can express the same idea in different ways, as well as how to apply common phrases in many different contexts. In so doing students will become adept at expanding and multiplying what they have learned thereby helping to greatly increase their chances of making successful connections in today's world. The audio CD that accompanies each book provides a good supplement for pronunciation, annunciation, and fluency training.


Textbook: $25.95
Audio CD: $15.95 USD


In Another Context: Book One

ISBN: 1-894929-05-5

Chapters: 16
Page count: 129

In Another Context: Book Two


ISBN: 1-894929-06-3

Chapters: 16
Page count: 134

In Another Context Book One Audio CD

Audio CD for Book One
ISBN: 1-894929-08-X

In Another Context Book Two Audio CD

Audio CD for Book Two
ISBN: 1-894929-09-8





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