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See the Introduction and Foreword (for Book One and Book Two)

In Another Context: Book One

1. Happy Meals
2. Scout's Honor
3. Nice Talking to You
4. Guy Stuff
5. Writing Competition
6. Warming the House
7. Colorblind Flamingo
8. Booking Comfort
9. The Best Friend
10. The Big Freeze
11. A Scratchy Face
12. Disaster Preparedness
13. The Bill Doesn't Add Up
14. Mental Training
15. Recycle Responsibly
16. Late for Work

In Another Context: Book Two

1. Musical Direction
2. Fit the Bill
3. In the Waiting Room
4. All's Well that Ends Well
5. Not a Great Date
6. Easier Said than Done
7. The Business of a Retreat
8. Smoke Out
9. For a Good Cause
10. Philip's Joyride
11. After the Audition
12. Curiosity about Fluffy
13. A Bit Too Far
14. The Sum of It
15. Fake it Until You Make It
16. Sweaty Sneakers





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